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Prostate Pointers is one of the most active and popular prostate communities available online. It features 14 focused & moderated email discussion lists, an event calendar, and links to thousands of physician and lay contributed web pages. More details below to find out which feature you're most interested. Or Go directly to Prostate Pointers now!

The moderated email discussion lists are:
  • Physician-to-Patient (P2P) provides the opportunity to read focused discussion about clinical problems with prostate cancer. Patients post questions with accompanying medical history and specialists in the field of prostate cancer offer ideas to discuss with your physician.
  • NewDx offers information and support to those newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • The Circle provides support for wives, families, friends, and significant others of men with prostate cancer -- and, of course, the men themselves. It is intended as a place of inclusion, of welcome, of good talk. This list is for all who struggle to understand and cope with the intrusion that is prostate cancer.
  • SeedPods offers information and support to those interested in radioactive seed implants (known as brachytherapy) for prostate cancer. At the web site: an archive of posts to the mailing list, a library of medical papers, a list of brachytherapy practitioners, and patients' first-hand chronicles of the treatment experience.
  • Prostate Cancer and Intimacy (PCAI) offers open and frank discussion about the problems associated with intimacy and prostate cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer Action Network (PCAN) is for prostate cancer patients who want to concentrate their forces into a single voice.
  • RP is for discussion and support for patients interested in radical prostatectomy.
  • IceBalls is devoted to the discussion of cryosurgery as a treatment for prostate cancer. This list is for patients, medical professionals, and family members of men with prostate cancer -- anyone with an interest in the cryosurgical ablation of the disease.
  • CHB is for discussion and support of combined hormonal blockade as a treatment for prostate cancer.
  • EBRT is for discussion and support for patients interested in external beam radiation therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer.
  • Promise is a place for those grieving a loss. Also offers help and support to those with a spouse, partner, or family member in the last stages of life.
  • Humor and Healing (HaH) is a humor list for the online PCa community.
  • Spirit is a place to receive spiritual support for those dealing with prostate cancer.
  • WW is for discussion and support for patients interested in Watchful Waiting. 

Additional Resources  
  • Learn about the new Us TOO Inspire online community discuss, learn, blog, post pictures and video, & share your story!
  • Visit the PCAI wiki for a collection of articles focused on intimacy and sexuality in the context of prostate cancer.
  • Visit the RP-Help wiki for important and useful information for those contemplating RP surgery, and those dealing with post-surgical issues.


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