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Prostate Cancer Awareness Program

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Us TOO is striving to reduce the high mortality rate among minorities and underserved communities who are struck with prostate cancer. The MUSP outreach program is designed to spread awareness about prostate cancer to:

  • African-American men
  • Men who are in medically underserved regions of the USA, including rural and uninsured Americans
  • Hispanic and other Spanish-speaking men
  • Men in states with the greatest prostate cancer incidence rates per 100,000 populations
  • Native Americans & Alaskan Natives

For more information on this initiative, please contact: gene@ustoo.org

Program Purpose

Us TOO is determined to work to reduce the higher mortality rate among minorities, culturally diverse, and medically underserved populations by providing: 

  • EDUCATION & PUBLICATIONS intended to provide patients, their families and others interested or involved in prostate cancer with valuable, meaningful, and diverse learning opportunities and materials that are culturally sensitive to the underserved population. 
  • ADVOCACY and patient-spouse-family support resources, while exceeding the service expectations of men living with prostate cancer, as well as men at risk (including their families), clinicians, and other individuals, organizations and agencies involved or interested in prostate cancer. 
  • OUTREACH & SUPPORT to train facilitators and conduct meetings in local communities to extend the reach of existing prostate cancer awareness programs.
  • AWARENESS to focus public awareness on the danger and threat of prostate cancer, the importance of greater support for basic and applied research into the disease and the need for men to seek more effective early detection testing opportunities in the minority and underserved community to assure early detection, appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment.
Program Goals & Objectives Top
  • Provide culturally sensitive, valuable, meaningful information for our target populations
  • Train facilitators from the underserved / minority populations to conduct talks in the community to extend the reach of existing prostate cancer awareness programs
  • Conduct 10 presentations in the first year of the program to targeted minority and underserved communities
  • Train up to 10 speakers per year in each participating pilot site 

Training Objectives Top
  1. Present general information on prostate cancer, risk factors, and methods of screening, diagnosis, and treatment
  2. Clarify myths and misconceptions people may have about prostate cancer.
  3. Encourage men to discuss prostate cancer regular screening with their health care provider.
  4. Assist men in being advocates for their own health by increasing their knowledge.
  5. Train trainers to utilize Us TOO International Minority and Underserved Populations Prostate Cancer Awareness Program resources in presentations.

2005 Pilot Site Locations

2004 Pilot Site Locations
District of Columbia
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
West Virginia
Supporting Organizations Top
Us TOO is taking a collaborative approach to this program and is working with many organizations to increase the reach of prostate cancer education and early detection efforts. Deep thanks go out to the following national and regional organizations for their participation and support:
  • American Cancer Society (ACS)
  • American Foundation of Urologic Disease (AFUD)
  • Grace Bible Church of Charleston, WV
  • Hope Community Development Center of Charleston, WV
  • Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Louisiana Cancer Control Partnership 
  • Louisiana Education and Early Detection Program (LEED)
  • LSU Medical Center
  • Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center
  • Menís Health Network
  • Methodist Hospital Medical Center of Dallas
  • Mississippi Partnership for Comprehensive Cancer Control
  • Mississippi Primary Healthcare Association
  • National Black MBA Association
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI)
  • National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC)
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
  • Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina (PCCNC)
  • St. Dominic Hospital Medical Center in Jackson, MS
  • West Virginia Health Rights, Inc.
Funding Top
Us TOO has received 100% of the funding for this program from a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the amount $292,530 per year, renewable for up to 5 years. The program is an integral part of CDCís National Strategies for the Prevention, Early Detection or Survivorship of Cancer in Underserved Populations initiative.

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