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  • Us TOO Board Leadership Changes

  • MRI Can Identify Metastatic Lymph Nodes

  • Treatment Found for Lethal Prostate Cancer

  • Index of Articles in the 2011 HotSheets

  • 2011 Prostate Cancer Business Leadership Council Members & Supporters Recognized

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Another Reason to Donate to Us TOO”

  • Characteristics & Outcomes of Prostate Cancers Diagnosed by 21-Core Biopsies

  • Revlimid® Fails to Help Prostate Cancer

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • MRI Highly Accurate in Guiding Biopsies

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  • Outercourse Vs. Intercourse Revisited

  • Statins & Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer

  • ‘Amazing’ Prostate Cancer Marker (EPCA-2) Paper Now Retracted

  • MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsies in Men with Increased PSA & Prior Negative Biopsies

  • Docetaxel with/without Estramustine

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Proton Therapy Effective for Prostate Cancer

  • Recent Additions to the Us TOO Website

  • Robot prostatectomy vs. standard surgery

  • Hormone Therapy Tied to Blot Clots

  • New Content on My Prostate Cancer Roadmap

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Statins & Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • Prostate RT and Risk of Rectal Cancer

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  • MDV3100 in Prostate Cancer “Impressive”

  • Bone Metastases Target of New Agent

  • Benefits of Xgeva Don’t Outweigh Risks

  • Medicare Will Continue Covering PSA Screening

  • Finasteride Combo Reduces Recurring PSA

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Low-fat milk & Prostate Cancer Progression?”

  • EBRT More Costly and Toxic than Other RT

  • Us TOO Advocacy Issues Column

  • Save the Dates for September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  • Inherited Prostate Cancer Gene Identified

  • Exercise Reduces Prostate Cancer Recurrence?

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  • FDA Approves PCA3 Urine Test

  • RP Improves Survival of PSA-Detected Cancer

  • Men Opting for Costly New Cancer Treatment

  • Robotic Vs. Open Radical Prostatectomy

  • Finasteride and Dutasteride Do Not Control Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

  • Result of the REDEEM Study of Dutasteride

  • Us TOO Advocacy Issues

  • Reduced Incidence of Post-Prostate Biopsy Infections by Using Rectal Swab Cultures

  • Phase 3 Randomized Trial of Ipilimumab

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Is it Time for Me to Start Drinking Coffee?”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Clinical Trials Deliver on the Promise of Science

  • Early Access for MDV3100 and Alpharadin

  • Serial Prostate Biopsies & Insignificant Cancers

  • Prostate Cancer Misclassification by Current Low-Risk & Active Surveillance Criteria

  • Association Between Smoking & PSA Levels

  • Galeterone Safe & Effective in Prostate Cancer

  • Oxygen in Tumors & Response to Radiotherapy

  • Endorectal MRI & Active Surveillance

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • High-Dose Image Guided Radiotherapy Com-pared to IMRT for Localized Prostate Cancer

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “The secret to long life is following 6-7 things”

  • Gene Mapping Not a Crystal Ball if Healthy

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer Need Not Be Continuous

  • Revised View Enhances Provenge Survival

  • Avoiding Overtreatment of Prostate Cancer

  • Iodine-125 or Palladium-103 Seeds Combined with External Beam Radiation Treatment?

  • Prostate Cancer Cell Survival Factor Found

  • New Erectile Dysfunction Drug Okayed by FDA

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “More Data Suggests Selenium is Not Safe”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Break from ADT Lowers Survival Odds

  • Enzalutamide (MDV3100) is a Game Changer in Prostate Cancer

  • Untreated Prostate Cancer Responds to Zytiga

  • Postprostatectomy Test Identifies Risk for Clinical Recurrence

  • Classifying Prostate Cancer by Quantitative Histomorphometry

  • Prostate Cancer Screening Can Be Difference Between Life and Death for Some

  • Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection in Prostate Cancer: Frequency and Nodal Distribution

  • Ginseng Seems to Ease Cancer-Related Fatigue

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “You Want a Real Cheap Anti-Aging Secret?”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • OGX-427 Improves Progression-Free Survival

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  • Errors in USPSTF Report on PSA Testing

  • Side Effects after Prostate Cancer Treatment

  • Oncologists React to SCOTUS Ruling in ACA

  • Spurious Elevation of Serum PSA after

  • Curative Treatment for Prostate Cancer

  • Hold Off On Radiation after Prostatectomy

  • Meta-Analysis of Selenium-Prostate Cancer Link

  • New FDA Approved Blood Test Improves Prostate Cancer Detection

  • New Book by Dr. Snuffy Myers’ Prostate Forum

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column –

  • “Almonds to Lose Weight & Lower Cholesterol”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • The Original Blues Brothers Band to Perform a Special Concert in Chicago to Benefit Us TOO

  • PIVOT Results: Observation vs Prostatectomy

  • Urine TMPRSS2:ERG Gene Fusion & PCA3

  • Prevention of Gynecomastia due to ADT

  • Active Surveillance Cost Same as Prostatectomy

  • Go from Passion to Action in September

  • More Men with Prostate Cancer Managed by A ‘Team’ Wait on Initiating Treatment

  • OncoGenex Initiates Phase 3 “AFFINITY” Trial

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column –“Vitamin D May Increase Testosterone? Maybe”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • Ask Dr. Snuffy Myers

  • Thailand Military Bases & Agent Orange

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  • FDA Approved XTANDI® (enzalutamide)

  • Aspirin May Prolong Prostate Cancer Survival

  • Provenge Immune Parameters Correlate with Survival in Castrate Resistant Patients

  • Updated Partin Tables Using 2006-2011 Data

  • Intermittent ADT for Post-RT PSA Recurrence

  • Outcomes Using Active Surveillance in Men with Low Or Intermediate Risk Disease

  • A “Way” to Resolve PSA Controversy

  • Trial Comparing Laparoscopic and Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

  • Accuracy of TRUSP-Guided 12-Core Biopsies

  • Genes & Prostate Cancer in African Americans

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Testosterone Blood Test Should Be Fasting”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Lin

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  • MRI Helps ID Men for Active Surveillance

  • Abiraterone Boosts Prostate Cancer Survival

  • Statins Don’t Influence Biochemical Recurrence

  • Secondary Cancers after EBRT, BT & RP

  • Obesity Promotes Prostate Cancer by Altering Gene Regulation

  • FDA Approves Choline C11 for PET Imaging

  • 18F-Fluoroethycholine PET/CT for Identifying Lymph Nodes Metastases After RP Failure

  • Long-Term Finasteride & Quality of Life

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy Boost Versus External Beam Radiation Therapy Alone

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Core Exercises Reduce Surgical Side Effects”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Final Results in ‘Definitive’ Cancer Trial
  • Surgical Features Key to Surgical Survival
  • Screening Rate Drops after PLCO Trial
  • BMI, BP Do Not Up Prostate Cancer Risk
  • Us TOO Needs Your Help
    Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column –“Daily Dose of Children’s Multivitamins Helps”
  • Us TOO Seeks Board Member Applications
  • Drug Aids Sexual Function After Radiation
  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers
    Rectal Cleansing Before Biopsy May Not Work
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