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  • Us TOO Board Welcomes New Member

  • FDA Approves Xgeva® (denosumab) to Help Prevent Cancer-Related Bone Injury

  • US Panel Backs Provenge® for Medicare

  • FDA Panel Rejects Prostate Drugs (Avodart® & Proscar®) for Prostate Cancer Prevention

  • Could a Prostate Cancer Treatment Raise Colon Cancer Risk?

  • Clinical Staging for Prostate Cancer Can’t Predict Likelihood for Recurrence

  • Long-Term Effect of Early Postoperative Pelvic Floor Biofeedback on Continence post-RP

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Can dogs really smell prostate cancer in urine?”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • Prostate Biopsies Are Not Associated with Increased Mortality

  • DHT May Not Affect Prostate Size But May Reduce Bone Mineral Density

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  • Special Burning Issues Supplement: A Systems Pathology Approach to Post-Surgical Patients with Anxiety

  • Dutasteride Enhances the Predictive Usefulness of PSA As a Screening Test

  • Is Prostate Cancer in Older Men More Deadly?

  • Us TOO Names New Board Officers, Another Member for 2011

  • Popular Online Prostate Cancer Tool Questioned

  • Cancer Blood Test Closer to Market

  • Older Men Get Less Effective Cancer Care

  • Decision Making in Localized Prostate Cancer: Lessons Learned from an Online Support Group

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – Creatine Supplements

  • ADT May Be Tied to Cataracts

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Us TOO 2009 Annual Report Now Available

  • Focusing on the Stress of Prostate Cancer

  • Gene Test May Spot Lethal Prostate Tumors

  • First 5-Year Outcomes Published on CyberKnife Radiosurgery for Prostate Cancer

  • Improving Active Surveillance Outcome Using Stringent Enrollment Criteria

  • Surgery vs. Radiation for High-Risk Disease

  • Multidisciplinary vs. 1-on-1 Medical Care

  • Prostate Cancer Support Groups, Health Literacy & Consumerism

  • PSA & Confirmatory Biopsy in Surveillance

  • Cancer Death Rates in African Americans Still High

  • Timely Intervention with Zoledronic Acid Beneficial

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “IOM Barely Changes Vitamin D Recommendations”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Study Knocks Diagnostic Value of PSA Velocity

  • Imaging Misses Mark in Prostate Cancer

  • Large Study Shows Little Need for PSA Testing Beyond 10 Years Post-Surgery

  • PSA Testing Declines a Bit

  • Genetic Map of Prostate Cancer Cracked

  • Disease-Free Survival Following Salvage Cryotherapy for Biopsy-Proven Radiotherapy-Recurrent Prostate Cancer

  • Study Suggests Lower PSA Cutoff for Biopsy

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Resistance Exercises vs. Calcium + Vitamin D”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • Drug (Abiraterone) Works in Most Prostate Cancer Subgroups

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  • 20% Rise in Number of Cancer Survivors

  • PSA Screening Is Higher in Men in Their 70s

  • Short Course of ADT Works Well with RT

  • Statins + RT More Effective in Prostate Cancer

  • New Cancer Drug Heads to Clinical Trials

  • Phase I/II Study of TRC105 in Refractory CRPC

  • Digoxin Possible Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

  • NCCN Continues to Modify Guidelines

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “An aspirin a day may reduce the risk of cancer”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • How Prostate Cancer May Spread to Bone

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  • FDA Approves Abiraterone

  • Early Surgery or Watchful Waiting?

  • Biopsy May Progress without PSA Changes

  • Study Supports Watchful Waiting for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

  • Another Endothelin Blocker Fails

  • Upgrade in Gleason Score Between Biopsies & Pathology Following Radical Prostatectomy

  • Overtreatment of Men with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer and Significant Comorbidity

  • Phase III Trial of Ipilimumab (NCT01057810)

  • Supplements Don’t Prevent Prostate Cancer

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Is Omega-3 in fish oil really bad for you?”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Alpharadin (222Radium Chloride) Improves Overall Survival in Men with Metastatic CRPC

  • Early PSA Testing & Risk of Long-Term Death

  • Surgery Works in Locally-Advanced Disease

  • AS Update from the John Hopkins Experience

  • Effect of Surgery Delay in Men Undergoing AS

  • NADiA ProsVue - A New Prognostic Prostate Cancer Test (for Post-RP Patients)

  • Exelixis Drug Shown to Control Solid Tumors

  • Fusion of MRI and Prostate Ultrasound

  • Intermittent Vs. Continuous ADT

  • Circulating Tumor Cells Predict Drug Response

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “___ Dietary Supplement Fights/Kills Prostate Cancer? Should Doc Moyad Support It?”

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  • Medicare Will Pay for Prostate Cancer Drug

  • Long-Term Efficacy of the Phase 1-2 Study of MDV3100 in Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients Before and after Docetaxel Therapy

  • New Resource Kit from Us TOO for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

  • Potential Combinability of Custirsen with MDV3100 and Hsp90 Inhibitors to Enhance Anti-Tumor Activity Against Prostate Cancer

  • Kyphon® Balloon Kyphoplasty for Treating Spinal Fractures in Prostate Cancer Patients

  • Prostate Cancer in Men Less than 50 Years Old: A Comparison of Race and Outcomes

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “You want another reason to lose weight? How about free vitamin D?!”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • Hydrodissection in Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy Improves Postoperative Potency

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  • Urine Test May Help Detect / Stratify Prostate Cancer

  • For Some Prostate Cancer Patients, Combo Treatment Improved Survival

  • Us TOO Names New Board Members for 2011

  • Robot Technology May Drive Up Prostate Surgeries

  • Letter to the Editors

  • New Patient Information Guide for CyberKnife

  • Age Adjustment in Active Surveillance

  • ADT & 11C-Choline Uptake in PET/CT Scans

  • Bone Flare with Abiraterone Treatment

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Some vegetables may reduce the risk of prostate cancer recurring after treatment”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • ADT Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk

  • Five Genes Liked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

  • VA Adds to List of Agent Orange-Exposed Ships

  • Two Clusterin Studies Released

  • Good Long-Term QOL after Brachytherapy

  • Dendreon & a Diagnostic for Provenge?

  • New Online Tool & Tips on Bone Health

  • New Provenge Plant Opens in California

  • Valvoline Supports Prostate Cancer Awareness

  • Elastography Beats Ultrasound for Detection

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Sage supplement may reduce hot flashes”

  • ERG Unrelated to PSA Recurrence w/o ADT

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • USPSTF Says PSA Test Does Not Save Lives

  • FDA Approves Prolia for Treating Bone Loss in Men and Women on Hormone Ablation

  • Erections after Prostate Treatment Predicted by Models

  • Us TOO Seeks Board Member Applications

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • Call to Action – Comment on USPSTF’s Draft Recommendation Statement Against PSA-Based Screening for Prostate Cancer

  • SEA Blue Prostate Walk Shines Despite Rain

  • 2011 Us TOO University Opens Diaglogue With Support Group Leaders

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – 1) Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer Death; 2) What the USPSTF Should Have Stated

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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  • Share Hope and Donate to Us TOO

  • MDV3100 Trial Stopped as Survival Improved

  • Top Doctors Support PSA Screening in Men

  • Brachytherapy & Risk of a Second Cancer

  • Antibiotic Change Before Prostate Biopsy

  • Men with a Family History of Prostate Cancer Do Not Need More Aggressive Treatment

  • ADT Duration & Risk of Prostate Cancer Death

  • New NCI Trial for Taxotere-Resistance Cancer

  • Quanterix PSA Test to Predict PSA Recurrence

  • Ask Doctor Snuffy Myers

  • [11C]choline PET-CT for Detecting Pelvic Nodes

  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column – “Metformin and Lifestyle Changes”

  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

  • RT + ADT Extends Life in Advanced Cancer

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