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  • Overall Survival Analysis of SPARC Trial

  • Patients Often Get Contraindicated Therapy

  • Us TOO’s 2008 Board Members/Officers

  • Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence Treatment

  • Letter to the Editor

  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column—Statins

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  • Senate Passes Last-Minute ‘Rescue” for Doctors Facing Big Medicare Cuts

  • Aspirin Impairs Prostate Cancer Treatment

  • More FDA Action Possible for ESAs

  • Cancer Tool Shows Promise in Scottsdale

  • Hormones Delay Prostate Cancer Growth

  • Research Yields Clues to Cancer Recurrence

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  • Supreme Court Declines Review in the Abigail Alliance Experimental Drug Case

  • Editorial: Provenge Pressure Builds on FDA

  • Cell Genesys’ Clinical Trials to Continue

  • Supreme Court Sides with Washington University in Tissue Ownership Case

  • No Link Between Androgen and Risk for PCa

  • Us TOO Raises Minority Cancer Awareness

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  • Special Burning Issues Supplement: Highlights from ASCO’s 2008 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium—San Francisco, CA, February 14-16, 2008

  • New Analysis Out on Cancer Drug

  • GTx’s Toremifene Meets Primary Endpoints

  • Treatment Decision-Making Not Easy

  • The Power of Words for Cancer Patients

  • April Brings a New Look to SEA Blue for National Minority Cancer Awareness Week

  • Genetic Variants Found to be Associated with Prostate Cancer

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  • Doctors Use “GPS for the Body” to Target Cancer Cells

  • Takeda, Cell Genesys Partner to Develop Prostate Cancer Vaccine

  • Blood Test Indicates Nodal Spread in Localized Prostate Cancer

  • Medicare Changes Influenced Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions

  • New Information Drives Changes in Bladder Control Treatment

  • Outer–Course vs. Inter-Course

  • Geneve Bio Developing Revolutionary Curative ED Treatment

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  • Experimental Vaccine Shows Promise in Prostate Cancer

  • Celebrex-Lipitor Combination May Halt Prostate Cancer

  • Prostate Cancer Mortality Declining Faster in the United States than in Britain

  • Iowa, Arizona Expand on SEA Blue African American Awareness Campaign

  • Similar Survival with Salvage Surgery (RP) and Radiotherapy (RT)

  • Gene Activity and Cancer’s Racial Divide

  • Nanotechnology Enhances Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in Black Males

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  • New Analysis Boost’s Finasteride’s Value

  • Active Surveillance Still a Viable Option

  • Adjuvant Radiation Shows Promise for High-Risk Surgery Patients

  • Kennedy Has Major Cancer Bill in Senate

  • Prostate Cancer Vaccine Linked to Improved Survival in Small Trial

  • Amgen Reports Positive Data at ASCO for Denosumab in Cancer Patients

  • ‘Equivocal’ Antioxidant Effects in Cancer Therapy

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  • Pints for Prostates Delivers Men’s Health Message

  • Mrs. Illinois 2008 Supports Prostate Cancer Awareness and Us TOO International

  • Proscar® Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk in All Men

  • Radiation May Help After Prostate Cancer Setback

  • GPC Biotech Announces NCI-Sponsored Phase 2 Trial of Satraplatin in Metastatic HRPC

  • Doc Moyad’s “What Works and What Is Worthless Column”—Saturated Fat

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  • Prostate Test Advice for Elderly Won’t Stop Debate

  • First Annual Edward C. Kaps Hope Award Winners Announced

  • Amgen Announces Positive Results for Denosumab

  • Do You Know Where Your Prostate Cancer Tissue Is?

  • Early Findings Create Buzz for Potent Novel Hormone Blocker

  • Us TOO Seeks Board Member Nominations

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  • Cell Genesys Halts GVAX Trial

  • The Wrong Call on Prostate Cancer Screening

  • Blood Calcium Tied to Lethal Prostate Cancer

  • Researchers Find Prostate Cancer Gene

  • Regular NSAID Use May Reduce PSA Levels

  • 2nd Annual Cancer Awareness Days in NJ

  • Doc Moyad’s "What Works and What Is Worthless Column"— I.V. Vitamin C

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  • Radiation Added to Androgen Deprivation Therapy Halves Risk of Prostate Cancer Death

  • Dendreon Announces Interim Data from Phase 3 Provenge IMPACT Trial

  • Novacea Has No Plans to Develop Asentar®

  • Understanding Scientific Studies & Reports – Determining What’s Good & What’s Not

  • The Patient as Healer – How to Alleviate Your Pain and Stress

  • Proton Radiation Fails to Impress in Prostate Cancer Study

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  • Cell Genesis Announces Termination of Phase 3 VITAL-1 GVAX Clinical Trial

  • Vitamin E and Selenium Do Not Prevent Prostate Cancer: Large-Scale Study Stopped

  • AUA Best Practice Statement Recommends Cryosurgery in Certain Prostate Cancer

  • Rethinking Prostate Cancer in Older Men

  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Events: Greater Chicago Prostate Cancer Run Walk ‘n Roll

  • Lawyer, Mountain Climber Names Us TOO As Beneficiary

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