Read the Department of Defense (DOD) Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) "PCRP Perspectives," newsletter here, for the latest breakthroughs in PCRP-funded prostate cancer research.

Understanding Scientific Studies & Reports: A Guide to Determining What’s Good & What’s Not by Gerald W. Chodak, MD

Clinical Trials for Advanced Prostate Cancer:Special Burning Issues Supplement to the Us TOO HotSheet

Clinical Trials at NIH Handbook

Find Clinical Trials listed with U.S. National Institutes for Health

Find Clinical Trials listed with the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

American Association for Cancer Research

Research Advocacy Network

CISCRP brochure: Education Before Participation

CISCRP brochure: African Americans and Clinical Research

CISCRP brochure: Los hispanos y la investigación clínica (Education Before Participation Brochure in Spanish)


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