Us TOO Advocacy Alert  
October 11, 2011

From: Thomas Kirk, President and CEO

Subject: Voice Your Opinion - USPSTF Now Accepting Comments on PSA Testing

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has prepared a draft recommendation against prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-based screening for prostate cancer.

The Task Force is now accepting comments on this draft recommendation statement through November 8, 2011.

I encourage you all to first read their report, then post your comments at this website: 

Commentary categories include:
  1. How could the USPSTF make this draft Recommendation Statement clearer?
  2. What information, if any, did you expect to find in this draft Recommendation Statement that was not included?
  3. Based on the evidence presented in this draft Recommendation Statement, do you believe that the USPSTF came to the right conclusions? Please provide additional evidence or viewpoints that you think should have been considered.
  4. What resources or tools could the USPSTF provide that would make this Recommendation Statement more useful to you in its final form?
  5. The USPSTF is committed to understanding the needs and perspectives of the public it serves. Please share any experiences that you think could further inform the USPSTF on this draft Recommendation Statement.
  6. Do you have other comments on this draft Recommendation Statement?

Empowerment is what Us TOO is about. Equipping men with support and unbiased information to make decisions about their disease. We’ve learned many lessons with our experiences with prostate cancer. We support men wanting to learn more about their prostate health status.

We want you to take action by submitting your thoughtful comments. Engage your network of fellow survivor warriors, friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to submit comments. We need THOUSANDS to raise their voices, not the hundreds the prostate cancer community has typically responded with in the past. This is our time. Make your voice be heard. More than ever, your action is urgently needed! 

Thank you for your participation and support!

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