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Individuals whose lives have been touched by prostate cancer can be the most effective public advocates on issues directly affecting prostate cancer patients and their loved ones. The overall goal of the Us TOO advocacy effort is to identify, enlist and support a national team of prostate cancer volunteer advocates from the core of men with prostate cancer, their friends and loved ones and concerned others.

Specific Us TOO goals include:

  • In screening
    • Clarify the screening environment
    • Screening coverage for every state
    • Encourage people to be screened
  • In treatment
    • More options for advanced care
    • Research and reimbursement for better imaging

YOU can make a difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families by becoming an advocate for prostate awareness programs, support groups, and initiatives for prostate cancer education and research. Those who have beaten prostate cancer can be an even more powerful voice in our fight! Us TOO advocacy volunteers can help by calling, emailing or faxing elected officials to spread the message of prostate cancer’s impact on our communities and individual lives.

Us TOO will keep our advocacy volunteers up to date on the status of current legislation directly impacting men with prostate cancer and their families. In addition, Us TOO will provide each volunteer with sample messages that can be personalized and sent to your local officials.

To join our volunteer advocacy network, contact us at

Advocacy Alerts & Bills Currently in Legislation

Advocacy Partners

Us TOO is a member of the following organizations:

  • Prostate Cancer Roundtable - representing America’s prostate cancer community, is a group of 12 independent, patient-centric, not-for-profit organizations that cooperate to foster the development of policies supporting high quality prostate cancer research, the prevention and early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer, the appropriate care and effective treatment of men with prostate cancer, and the appropriate education of all men at risk for this disease.

  • World Wide Prostate Cancer Coalition (WWPCC) - a coalition of prostate cancer interest groups from around the world that will seek to share information, ideas, visions and dreams to minimize the impact of prostate diseases, especially prostate cancer, in the global community. The group, which is a confederation of patient and professional organizations, will also serve interested organizations from around the world in helping to fulfill their objectives of patient support.
  • Cancer Leadership Council (CLC) – a patient-centered forum of national advocacy organizations addressing public policy issues in cancer
  • Once Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) – a collaboration of national non-profit organizations representing millions of Americans, delivers a unified message to Congress and the White House on the need for increased cancer-related appropriations
  • Fund Prostate Cancer Research Now - a priority initiative of America’s prostate cancer organizations
  • Raise A Voice for Advanced Prostate Cancer Advocacy – a grassroots initiative of the prostate cancer community to bring awareness to the plight of men who are struggling with progressive disease.

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